Site Commissioning Test

we carry out site commissioning tests on electrical and protection equipment for 415V - 275KV installations to ensure proper function of the installation prior to the intake of power supply.

Circuit Breaker Maintenance & Repair

We offer complete maintenance for circuit breakers to ensure efficient performance during normal service condition and reliable operation t isolate fault zone during system fault condition. Our tests include test, contact resistance, pressure test, timing and alignment test.

Power Transformer Maintenance & Repair

We offera comprehensive range of services to ensure normal functioning in service condition and maximise services life. Our services include preventive maintenance, repair and rehabilitation, transformer life extension program through oil quality test analysis and oil reconditioning, winding test through pulse comparison method and OLTC maintenance.

Servicing & Site Modification

  • To refurbish low voltage switchgear assemblies.
  • To change bus bar system and changeover switch on-site.
  • To calibrate protection relays like over current and earth fault.
  • To supply parts and services for low voltage switchgerar assemblies.
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